Laundry Tips




Learning how to wash clothes is a very important skill. Failure to acquire this skill is not only unhealthy, but also expensive especially when the washing goes wrong. Fortuantely, it is not a very difficult skill to master. Thinking about how you wash your clothes will help to lesson your environmentalimpact and conserve natural resources while maintaining your clothes last longer in a brand-new like condition.


Generally dry cleaning is recommended, but you can wash without problems at home.

1.Dissolve a teaspoon of a detergent for delicates or knit in lukewarm water.
2.Gently agitate the item with your hands and soak for up to 15 minutes.
  you may also want to turn the item inside-out before washing to help prevent snagging.
3.Rinse until the water runs clear.
4.Chunky-knits should be reshaped and dried flat to maintain the original shape. Do not twist or wring.
   Roll the garment in a terry towel to help absorb excess water. Lay the item flat on a screen driver to help maintain it's shape


There are two kinds of linen : washable and non-washable
Washable linen is meant to have a lived-in look and a few crumples are par for the course.
Non-washable linen is meant to stay crisp, clean and only should be dry cleaned.

How to machine wash washable linen
1.Use cold water and select delicate or gentle machine operation.
2.Linen is a natural fabric and can easily get mis-shapen when wet.
3.To restore the garment to it's original shape, iron it with a hot steam iron.
4.To keep it's sheen, iron the garment on the reverse side.

VISCOSE is a natural fabric and can easily get mis-shapen when wet.
Generally dry cleaning is recommended, but you can wash without problems at home.

1.Pre-sorting prevents colors running.
2.Use fine detergents. Do not use chlorine bleach.
3.Gentle wash cycle is the ultimate.
4.VISCOSE is best hung up damp and pulled into shape.
5.To restore the garment to it's original shape, gently iron it with a hot steam iron.

Silk is a very delicate fabric and one of the world's most luxurious fabrics that should be treated with gentle care.
We strongly recommend dry cleaning, but it's expensive. So we will show you how to wash it without problems at home.

1.Please make sure the item is washable.
2.Use lukewarm water and mild,non-alkaline soap, a detergent for delicates or baby shampoo in cold water and
  do not stretch the garment while wet.
3.While rinsing, you can add a few tablespoonfuls of distilled white vinegar to the rinse water to neutralize alkali trace and
   in order to dissolve soap residue. You can also add a few drops or hair conditioner to the final rinse water for extra silky feel.
4.Soaking silk for any more than a few minutes should be avoided.
5.Do not wring or twist. Roll in towel to extract excessive water.
6.Hang the item to dry out of direct sunlight and air dry it. The silke garment will hold it's shape.


Wool can easily lose it's shape and become less defined if washed without care and worst of all,
it can shrink on you, becoming quite a few sizes smaller. You don't want this crisis happen to you.
If you are not seeking such a transformation of your woolen garments, please follow this instructions or dry clean it.     

1.Please make sure your woolen item really needs to be washed.
  Unlike other fabrics, wool does not need to be washed frequently.
2.Use a detergent for delicates and soak woolen items in cold water for a few hours before washing.
3.Gently spot clean if needed with a soft brush.
4.Wash in sink by soaking and squishing being careful not to rub against itself ot it will felt.


LEATHER- LEATHER AND SUEDE items should be taken to a specialist leather dry cleaner.


How to take care of dark unwashed denim to get the best killer look
The number one trick for jeans is wearing your jeans every single day and letting your sweat and start to morph the denim,
so it becomes a very personal shape and gets the wrinkles nicely.

1.Wear your jeans as much as possible before the first wash. You should not wash it before six months you start wearing it.
2.When you wash, use a neutral detergent with no bleach and wash it inside out in 60 degrees
  in order to get a better fading effect of the indigo and the natural worn in effects also get more evident.
3.Your everyday life gives the denim its unique character and
  the more you wear and treat your jeans, the more beautiful they get.
4.Turn them back to normal and shake them flat, otherwise they might get unwanted stay press effect.
  When they are still damp you can stretch the inseam as much as needed.
5.Let them dry naturally by hanging, not folded.